UPDATE: The Board have decided to re-open the Social Transport Fund for the remainder of 2022.


TFI Local Link Kildare South Dublin has this week announced details of a Social Transport Fund that is aimed at assisting individuals and groups with once off transport needs.

The fund has been established by TFI Local Link Kildare South Dublin as part of their commitment to reinvesting in local communities and meeting the social objective of the Company to contribute to social inclusion in the Kildare and South Dublin areas.

Announcing the fund this week Mr. Alan Kerry, Manager of TFI Local Link Kildare South Dublin stated the following “through the foresight of the Board of Directors, and their commitment to the charitable objectives of the organisation, the opportunity now exists for local community groups to re-engage in social activities for the remainder of 2022 where the cost of transport may have been a barrier to such activities. We look forward to turning the wheels again for passengers both old and new”

The fund has been boosted by a contribution of €10,000 matched funding by County Kildare LEADER Partnership under the Social Inclusion and Community Activation Programme (SICAP). Speaking on behalf of County Kildare LEADER Partnership Mr. Pat Leogue, General / Social Inclusion Manager welcomed the opportunity to collaborate with TFI Local Link Kildare South Dublin to assist in meeting transport needs for the target groups of SICAP. “We are delighted to be in a position to support this initiative which will encourage groups and individuals to avail of transport to engage in social activity and also to participate in education and training where appropriate” he said. “I hope that many groups in County Kildare use this opportunity to get out and about after COVID and that it will encourage community activity for the rest of this year” added Mr. Leogue.

The establishment of a social transport fund fills a gap in the region where many community and voluntary groups are unable to afford transport to engage in social activities and individuals, particularly in rural areas without a car, are unable to access services in the main urban centres.

The Social Inclusion Fund will provide a minimum of 25% and a maximum of 75% funding towards trips which must take place between July and December 2022.

Who is this for?

This round of funding will be made available through an application process to the following target groups: Older Persons, Disadvantaged Children and Families, Disadvantaged Young People (aged 15 – 24) Emerging Needs Group, Lone Parents, Low Income Workers/ Households, New Communities, People living in Disadvantaged Communities, People with Disabilities, Roma, Travellers, The Disengaged from the Labour Market (Economically Inactive), The Unemployed.

Examples of Trip Types Applicable.

Examples of trip types (but not limited to) that will be considered through this call for applications are as follows:

Individuals – Outpatient Access that cannot be facilitated through ordinary public transport provision. This could be because of lack of availability of public transport in a person’s area or the need for specialised transport such as wheelchair accessibility.

Older Peoples Groups – Social Outings such as day trips, or transport to Christmas Social Event.

Disadvantaged Young People (15 -24) – Providing transport to allow participation in cultural or social events, ensuring participation in outdoor activities etc.

People with Disabilities – Providing transport on a Group or Individual basis allowing access to inclusive activities.

Those Disengaged from the Labour Market – Applications will be considered from Groups or Individuals, or on behalf of both, where a lack of availability of access to public transport is hindering the participation prescribed and planned courses. These courses may run over a number of days / weeks and still be considered through this call for applications.

How to Apply

Applications must be submitted using the TCU approved application form. Applications will only be considered for trips planned to be undertaken during the period July 25th to December 31st 2022.

This funding is limited to one application in 2022. Grants will only be provided to a maximum of 75% of overall transport cost. The minimum grant that will be provided through a successful application will be 25% of overall transport cost. Transport Applications will only be considered for transport provided by TFI Local Link Kildare South Dublin pre-approved operators, and the trip must be coordinated, and costed, through the TFI Local Link Kildare South Dublin TCU.

Further details are available by emailing Christine.scanlon@locallink.ie or phone 045 980383

  • The Social Fund is re-open for applications for trips to be undertaken in 2022
  • Groups that have already availed of the process may not apply again for 2022
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