TFI Local Link Kildare South Dublin would like to announce the Allen Area to Newbridge Shopping Centre service has changed from Saturday to Friday.

Passenger Request

Our passengers’ feedback is always welcome so when people started to contact us to request a change we listened.  The consensus amongst those using the service and others living locally was that a bus service on Friday would be more valuable that what had been in place.  TFI Local Link had been operating a Saturday service, but it was expressed to us that changing this to Friday would better suit their needs.

Friday Route

The change did not happen immediately as we needed to seek approval and put the necessary steps in place for such a change.  However, this new Friday route is now in place.  All pick up points and times remain the same as before.

TFI Local Link Kildare South Dublin are delighted to be able to accommodate the needs of our passengers and the wider local community in which we operate.  Customer feedback is always welcome, and we do our utmost to facilitate change where we can.