TFI Local Link Kildare South Dublin are pleased to announce that a proposal for the development of the above service is currently being considered by the National Transport Authority (NTA).

If approved, A33 will provide connectivity for the settlements of:

  • Kilmeague.
  • Roberstown.
  • Allenwood.
  • Prosperous.
  • Caragh

to Sallins Train Station, Millenium Business Park, Naas Town Centre and Naas Hospital.

The service will:

  • operate 3 trips per day in each direction Monday to Thursday.
  • provide additional evening services on Fridays and Sturdays.
  • operate on both Saturdays and Sunday.
  • provide AM and PM peak connectivity from Caragh to Sallins Train Station.

Additional to the above will be the commissioning of a fully accessible low floor bus ensuring the relevance of the service for people with mobility issues.

The outcome of this proposal is expected before the end of June 2021.